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Why TapIn?

For people moving to new areas, whether it be for college, a job, an internship, or just getting a fresh start, they commonly face two problems.

They need things to do
They need people to go with

TapIn is the solution to that problem. TapIn is a mobile app which curates a list of the hottest events in your area and, once you find an event that interests you, matches you with people to go to that event with.

Start Exploring


The explore page provides an opportunity to find exactly what you want in your area, whether its:

  • Night life
  • School organizations
  • Community sports groups
  • Public study sessions
  • Private events

Meet Friends

Hate the awkwardness of going to an event alone, or having to find someone with mutual interests just to never be able to coordinate somewhere to go?

TapIn is different

Once you have found an event you like, you will be recommended to others who already want to attend the event and are looking for others to go with!

Create the event


Are you having a party? Sporting event? Or even a book club? TapIn gives you a platform to connect with all the users on the platform or just invite your friends.

Just go to the create page, and click on “Public” or “Private” based on the event.

The user journey has been carefully taken into consideration, so posting an event should only take 30 seconds!

Ready to get started?